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"The International Conference on Water Chemistry of Nuclear Reactor Systems (Nuclear Plant Chemistry Conference, NPC) focuses on the latest developments in the science and technology of water chemistry control in nuclear reactor systems ( Looking for some dissertation help? Order here: My Dissertations.
NPC conference has started as the Bournemouth Conference in the UK 1977 and has been held biennially by a host country in Asia, North America and Europe as well as UK. For 2014, Japan is a host country.
The conference is a forum where engineers and scientists from universities, research institutes, and service organizations in cooperation with utility engineers address the challenges of water chemistry control and improvement of material integrity in future LWR operation.
In 2014 the focus will be on increasing safety and reliability for LWRs as well as improving plant operation by presenting and discussing enhancements in water chemistry based on the latest R&D and operational experiences shared among its participants.
This meeting will also provide lessons learned from Fukushima Daiichi NPP accident in March2011 such as the latest information on FP chemistry, decontaminations, and so on.

Conference Venue

Sapporo City --- Sapporo is a capital city of Hokkaido and Japan’s fifth largest city with a population of about 2 million. In 1972, Olympic Winter Games have been held in this city. The word “Sapporo” comes from a language of Ainu indigenous people in Hokkaido, meaning “Sari-Poro-Pet” (River lined with large reed bed) or “Sat-Poro-Pet” (Large dried-up river) and is also synonymous with the Sapporo Beer brand. The city was established in 1922.

October 26 – 31 --- in time for late autumnal color.

Royton Sapporo Hotel ---1.5 hour from Shin-chitose airport by limousine bus.
Nearby metro station “Nishi 11-chome” of Tozai line.
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Access Guide

The image below shows directions to Royton Sapporo Hotel.
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Schedule at a Glance (Tentative)


Technical Paper Abstracts are invited in the following topic areas.

PWR VVER & CANDU/PHWR Operating Experience
Primary coolants, including efforts of DH, pH, lithium, boric acid, enriched boric acid, potassium, ammonia, zinc, activity buildup and radiation control
Pressurized Water Scientific Studies
Fundamental and laboratory studies, computer modeling
BWR Operating Experience
Hydrogen water chemistry, noble metal chemical addition, zinc, transient chemistry, issues of corrosion, radiolysis, and combustible gas management, activity build-up and radiation control
Boiling Water Scientific Studies
Fundamental and laboratory studies, computer modeling
LWR Secondary Water Chemistry (Steam Cycle)
Steam generator degradation, flow-accelerated corrosion, effects of amines and dispersants, sludge management, lay-up optimization
Auxiliary Systems, Water and Waste Treatment System
Water purity control and advanced processes and monitoring technology, scale mitigation in condensers and cooling towers, chemistry control in auxiliary systems, waste water management
Life Time Management and Plant Aging
Chemistry and corrosion issues related to lifetime management and countermeasures
Chemistry and Fuel Performance
Effects of chemistry on fuel performance, crud related fuel performance issues –including crud induced power shifts, tramp uranium and fission products
Maintenance (Decontamination, Cleaning)
Decontamination, chemical cleaning (Steam generator), fuel cleaning, water chemistry control during long term shutdown
Future Trend and New Development / Scientific Basis
Chemistry developments for future reactor systems including supercritical water, GEN IV and other advanced system conditions
Chemistry Optimization Programs and Compliance Management
Development and pre-implementation assessment of Utility Chemistry Optimization Programs, and Chemistry Program Management, audits, sampling, monitoring, analysis programs
Special session related to Fukushima Daiichi NPP Accident
Lessons learned from Fukushima Daiichi NPP accident in March 2011 such as the latest information on FP chemistry, decontaminations, and so on

Key Dates

Abstracts Due
December 4, 2013  January 10, 2014
Author Notifications
March 4, 2014  March 10, 2014  April 14, 2014
Advance Program
 April 30, 2014
Papers Due
 June 30, 2014  July 31, 2014
Slide Due
 September 27, 2014